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Mr. Ghulam Samad

Research Economist
Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE)

Address :

Islamabad, Pakistan

SANDEE Grant Period:

01-02-2013 to 01-08-2014

SANDEE Publications :

Samad, G., W. Gulzar and V. Ahmed (2015), 'Environmental Regulations and Compliance in the Textile Processing Sector in Pakistan: Empirical Evidence', SANDEE Working Paper No. 98-15

Other Publications :

  1. Janjua, P. Z., G. Samad and U. Nazakat (2014), 'Climate Change and Wheat Productivity: An ARDL Approach', NJAS-Wageningen Journal of Life Sciences 68 (2014) 13-19, ELSEVIER
  2. Siddiqui, R., G.Samad, M.Nasir, and H.Jalil (2012), 'Impact of Climate Change on Major Agricultural Crops: Evidence from Punjab, Pakistan', The Pakistan Development Review, 51:4 (2012) pp 261-276
  3. Samad, G., and M. Rabia (2011), 'Green Growth: An Environmental Technology Approach', The Pakistan Development Review, 50:4 (2011) pp 471-490.
  4. Janjua, P. Z., G.Samad and U. Nazakat (2010), 'Impact of Climate Change on Wheat Production: A Case of Pakistan. The Pakistan Development Review', Volume 49:4 (2010), pp 799-822

Current Research Area/ Interests :

Agriculture and Resource Economics


Sri Lanka

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